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 NT Event's Rules

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PostSubject: NT Event's Rules   Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:44 am

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I think we need to get a few rules laid out for the Northern Territory region events forum.

1. All events need to display a Date. If a date is not known it becomes an Expression Of Interest (EOI) thread.
2. Only events relating to MM to be posted in this forum.
3. SPAM is to be kept to an absolute minimum. There is a SPAM thread in General Chat. USE IT.
4. Remain on the thread topic. Revert to rule 3.
5. Event Idea's threads are welcome
6. Bob Rules. That is all. cheers
7. I'm not a NAZI. You can have fun but keep it real guys.
8. NO MORE SLANDERING OTHER PEOPLE ON THIS SITE. If you have a problem take it up with the person.
9. Mods will delete posts if things start getting out of hand.

If you have any concerns, please dont hesitate to PM me


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NT Event's Rules
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